Monday, May 16, 2011

Computer Scientists are evolving?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine today. As both fellow computer scientists (if I may call us so), our conversations shared the general 'geekiness' inherent in a conversation among this broad class of people. One thing we realized as we were reminiscing the good old undergraduate days and trying to figure out what our other computer scientist friends are doing, is that we all think not just about `elegant coding', but are also leaning towards the concept of engineering a useful product.

It appears, at least that was our view, many computer scientists nowadays do not just go and write software for a business, but bring in new product ideas and perspective in shaping the business concept. This possibly applies mostly for technology oriented companies, but computer scientists have started to fit into the finance and advertisement industry well. The point of this rambling is that computer scientists are not just code junkies: yes, we do write software, but we are also adept in potentially translating ideas that will provide a new perspective to new areas of venture, and to develop, maybe not the next big product, but the next 'very useful' product. Computer scientists are evolving!

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