Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hitting 1000 miles a year!

I have been biking back and forth to work regularly, as well as running every other day during the week. I have managed to make this a schedule over the last few months. Here is a casual estimate of my walking and biking distances (in miles) a year based on this current practice: 
  • Biking back and forth to work
    • 5 days a week, approximately 2 miles each way, for a total of 4 miles per day and 20 miles per week.
  • Running three days a week
    • Approximately 2 miles every session, for a total of 6 miles.
The above adds up to 26 miles in a week, which is 104 miles a month, leading to 1248 miles a year. Assuming I stick with this routine for the whole year, doesn't seem too bad for a cs+math geek, eh!

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