Friday, July 17, 2009

An evening of hanging out in Dhanmondi

I spent a great evening in Dhanmondi today, hanging out with Murad, Lenin, and Khaled. All three are friends from high school with whom I have been out of touch for a while. I saw Murad almost after three years, Lenin it has been about four years, and Khaled, I think it has been almost ages.

It was truly amazing to see these people from my good old high school days. Although, I have been in touch with Muard quite often electronically, and sometimes with Lenin, but nothing makes up for the excitement of seeing friends from the past in person. When I got the call from Murad in the afternoon that he is hanging out with Lenin and Khaled in Dhanmondi, and if I can come over, I was really excited in getting the opportunity to hang out with some old friends after many years - and let me just say here, these people have changed, or rather evolved, into some great human beings. We tried calling two other friends from high school, whom I haven't seen for two years, but they couldn't make it today.

Dhanmondi is also a place that holds lot of memories for me -- both my sister and I went to our beloved school in Dhanmondi for many years, till high school. I took a walk around Dhanmondi with Murad later in the evening, heading towards Dhanmondi lake to hang out. Dhanmondi lake is an amazingly beautiful place with lot of memories of playing cricket between classes in school, after labs during high school, and of course, the exquisite chicken roll from this street shop at the corner. The street shop still exists, but unfortunately they no longer make that chicken roll. Hanging out there was still great, except the place was overcrowded because of the weekend. The evening event then reluctantly concluded after a few hours.

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