Monday, June 1, 2009

Being on campus after graduation

I graduated but I have been living on campus for the last two weeks. It has been nice to live on campus with other friends, who also graduated, and being able to spend time with them. There are a lot of other non-graduated students as well who are doing summer research on campus or internships. One of the perks of being an international student is that you do not usually have a place to go, unless you have relatives or friends who has a place nearby, and so you have a good reason to stay on campus and be around with all the familiar faces. Of course, my college has an amazingly nice policy of letting international students stay on campus, which gives us international students a home before figuring out where to move next.

I am leaving campus next Saturday for my new apartment in graduate school, which is a little sad since I will be finally leaving my college after four years, so I will be enjoying every moment of my last week on campus.

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  1. Don't cry. It's OK to be away from mommy :)